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Children who take part in high-quality early childhood teaching programs show lengthy-term impacts on their own capability to learn and communicate with the planet around them, including elevated language and math skills, positive peer relationships, decreased rates of grade repetition, less referrals to special education services, and greater amounts of cognitive and social development. Early Learning programs that take part in continuous quality improvement efforts are more inclined to prepare students for sucess in class and beyond.

Our early learning investments typically operate in tandem with condition and federal funding streams, and concentrate on assisting to generate a seamless system of supports for providers, children & families. We support public policy and advocacy, and make use of a highly collaborative number of organizations to improve access and quality in most San Mateo County early learning environments.

Key programs in this region include:

Early Learning Quality and Inclusion Partnership (EQ+IP), an extensive, countywide quality improvement initiative brought by San Mateo County Office of your practice (SMCOE) and includes many collaborating partners. EQ+IP supports early learning environments with sources that improve quality. This partnership will also support families’ capability to access appropriate early learning encounters for his or her kids with special needs, and boost the capacity of early learning settings to supply inclusive environments of these children and families.

  • Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS) Consortium aligns with regional, statewide, and national efforts to boost the caliber of early learning programs with the implementation when you compare Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), which measures and guides quality improvement at the begining of learning centers (day care and preschool facilities) and family day care homes in San Mateo County. Consortium partners possess a lengthy good reputation for participating in intentional coordination and system building. Quality Counts would be the future hub and visit the website for that local QRIS, communicating the significance of quality at the begining of learning settings to parents and caregivers, and offers ratings for local day care providers in San Mateo County. QRIS information are available here.
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  • First 5 California IMPACT (Improve and Maximize Programs so that all Children Thrive) is definitely an innovative approach that forges partnerships between First 5 California and counties to offer the objective of helping children ages to five as well as their families thrive by growing the amount of high-quality early learning settings, including supporting and interesting families in early learning process.
  • Pre-to Kinder Articulation & Alignment, a task that aims to enhance school readiness for entering kindergartner by connecting families, preschool teachers, and elementary schools within comprehensive Pre K – 3 learning continuums in Big Lift target communities, and also to promote Pre K – 3 systems throughout San Mateo County. Partners include Plastic Valley Community Foundation-Center for Early Learning, San Mateo County Office of your practice, Big Lift and college districts.
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Resourse: http://first5sanmateo.org/about/our-investments/early-learning/

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