Y media labs – the plastic valley ace of mobile application innovati


Y Media Labs - The Silicon Valley Ace of Mobile App Innovation

The following big innovative leap is definitely nearby, awaiting anyone to rise towards the occasion. The potential risks of downfall, however, over-shadow the rewards by a few magnitude. But this is when tales leave their mark once we seek inspiration within the struggles of protagonists, don’t they?

Within the last decade approximately, we’ve were built with a couple of Startups whose headlining rise to industry leadership appears unstoppable with unheard how to go about labor. One particular story is,

Y Media Labs, the outright leader in mobile application development.

The company focusing on e-books, playing consultants towards the Plastic Valley Mafia, switched 10 this season using the scope of their accomplishments certain to be chronicled by posts similar to this.

Why is this so?

The Start

Individuals who’ve been underneath the grind of hardships would be best suitable for tell their story. True. However that shouldn’t prevent you from imagining the obstacles the founder set of Ashish Toshniwala & Sumit Mehra needed to overcome. To begin with,

  • Both were Immigrants
  • Both were attempting to begin a business round the most difficult financial occasions because the great depression of 1939. 2008-ant.
  • Both didn’t have guarantees, as nobody ever does, from the prospective success.

But they founded Y Media Labs. Did there is a fait accompli guiding them? Let’s jog back memory lane around 2009, we could?

iPhones were sweeping, rather creating, the now-ubiquitous smartphone market. Up to that point, Ashish would be a Manager at eBay & Sumit an application Engineer at Yahoo. We tracked their bios through YML’s website on the way to LinkedIn.

The 2 visionaries opined the function iOS Appstore will participate in the growth and development of mobile-centric software (apps) for companies. They attempted to procure the funds that’d permit the first operations of the organization.

But getting heard the doorway shut in it 21 occasions, made the decision to accept old-fashioned approach.



Looking for their chance oasis, YML touched base with another San Francisco Bay Area Educational startup, Montessorium. Inside a first available implementation, YML won the bid to build up an application for iOS that’d educate infants fundamental studying/ ability as a copywriter in the touch of the mouse. The application was the 54th ever to be the Apple Appstore, using the concept catching the attention of Jobs. The episode has switched right into a legend when at 3 a.m. Jobs emailed YML saying, “I love your work here” in mention of application.

Consider the chances?

Using their breakthrough move, Y media Labs tore in to the fray for giant companies that desired to take full advantage of the Application store offering. With time, they’d expand their team with investor money flowing in from Sand Hill Road. With this happy marriage of cash & quality ushered in new contracts. A few of their notable achievements since happen to be:

Staples – YML helped integrate Apple Pay in to the Staple Application becoming the very first mainstream online store to do this.

Lowe’s – The store labored carefully with YML on streamlining in-store experience around the mobile application. The end result – mobile stream revenues bending. Actually, this part of the application won Lowe’s recognition within the Forrester Retail Wave™.

Molekule – The merchandise, an air cleaner, managed to get among the 25 Best Inventions of 2017, within the Time magazine. The purifier is made intuitive by smart interactions using the application, produced by YML.

Condition Farm – This Fin-tech application minimizes the hurdles for buyers to stake claims for his or her insurance. Listed (as was Lowe’s) for in-application functionalities by Forrester.

Possibly, it’s not necessarily a bad habit to possess whenever you develop apps and obtain featured by major research agencies for that sheer brilliance of the design.

Forbes stresses on YML’s proclivity for mobile-first designs over developing the backend for everybody while listing them in America’s most promising companies. Accolades are earned, not bought also it stands particularly true within this situation.


How about it?

They’re not going anywhere soon. YML is how quantity submerges into quality. Clients obtain a diversified service basket to pick each one-off or perhaps an finish-to-finish database integration. Additionally to digital services, their team spread over 3 continents has strongly expanded the service choices to:

  • Customer Experience
  • Innovation & Technology
  • In addition to Data Science

We’ll stand in the wings to determine what mind-bending feats they’ll achieve later on. Be that as it might, you’ll profit. Whether that’s like a client or being an finish-user of application, may be the question.

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