The Vicon MX product is a condition-of-art optical motion capture system that captures kinematic data from human motion activities. A persons motion information is relayed to some computer where it’s symbolized as position and position-time profiles according to biomechanical linkage models. The main aspects of a Vicon MX system would be the cameras, the controlling hardware module, the program to evaluate and offer the information, along with a host computer to operate the program. The MX system continues to be made to be flexible, expanding and simple to integrate to your working atmosphere. With a mix of MX system components you may create any size system and link it easily towards the exterior devices you need to use. This equipment may be used most of the Auburn OSE/OIP Laboratories and could be utilized in the area. It’s found in various research activities, including biomechanical analyses of manual materials handling activities, gait analyses, postural/motion comfort and discomfort analyses and automotive ergonomics. These treadmills are useful for undergraduate and graduate level courses, including Summary of Engineering (ENGR 1110), Ergonomics I (INSY 7060) and Ergonomics II (INSY 7070). This equipment was lately employed for a senior design project to check various workstation layouts.

Labs time profiles according to biomechanical


Labs you may create any size