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Model AMPAR transport inside a unipolar neuron
Heteromeric and homomeric Glutamate Receptors (GLR-1 and GLR-1/2) are transported through the molecular motor complex Kinesin-1. Neuronal activity, Calcium and CaMKII regulate transport in the cell body in addition to delivery and removal at synapses. The Hoerndli lab research aims to know how this is done and just what pathways regulate this method during memory establishment and cellular ageing.

Representative Publications

Hoerndli F.J., A. Kallarackal, along with a.V. Maricq (2015) Mobile AMPARs are needed for synaptic plasticity. Channels(Austin) 9:230-2.

Hoerndli F.J., R. Wang, J.E. Mellem, A. Kallarackal, P.J. Brockie, C. Thacker, D.M. Madsen along with a.V. Maricq (2015) Neuronal activity and CaMKII regulate kinesin-mediated transport of synaptic AMPARs. Neuron 86: 1-18. (Reported in Faculty 1000)

Hoerndli F.J.*, D.A. Maxfield*, P.J. Brockie, J.E. Mellem, E. Jensen, R. Wang, D.M. Madsen along with a.V. Maricq (2013) Kinesin-1 regulates synaptic strength by mediating the delivery, removal and redistribution of AMPA receptors. Neuron 80:1421-37. Feature article (*, co-first authors) (Reported in Faculty 1000)

Brockie, P.J., M. Jensen, J. Mellem, E. Manley, R. Wang, D.A. Maxfield, F.J. Hoerndli, D.M. Madsen along with a.V. Maricq (2013) Cornichons control ER export of AMPA receptors to regulate synaptic excitability. Neuron 80:129-42.

Wang, R., J.E. Mellem, M. Jensen, P.J. Brockie, C.S. Master, F.J. Hoerndli, D.M. Madsen along with a.V. Maricq (2012) The SOL-2/Neto auxiliary protein modulates the part of AMPA-subtype ionotropic glutamate receptors. Neuron 75:838-50.

Jensen, M., F.J. Hoerndli, P.J. Brockie, R. Wang, E. Manley, D. Maxfield, M.M. Francis, D.M. Madsen along with a.V. Maricq (2012) Wnt signaling regulates acetylcholine receptor translocation and synaptic plasticity within the adult central nervous system. Cell 149:173-87.

Stetak, A., F. Hörndli, A.V. Maricq, S. van living room Heuvel along with a. Hajnal (2009) Neuron-specific regulating associative learning and memory by MAGI-one in C. elegans. PLoS One 4:e6019.

Hoerndli, F.J., M. Walser, E. Fröhli Hoier, D. de Quervain, A. Papassotiropoulos along with a. Hajnal (2009) A conserved purpose of C. elegans CASY-1 calsyntenin in associative learning. PLoS One 4:e4880.

Hoerndli, F.J., S. Pelech, A. Papassotiropoulos and J. Götz (2007) Abeta treatment and P301L tau expression within an Alzheimer’s tissue culture model act synergistically to advertise aberrant cell cycle re-entry. Eur J Neurosci 26:60-72.

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Fred hoerndli, phd Neuronal activity, Calcium and CaMKII

Streffer, J.R., A. Papassotiropoulos, P. Kurosinski, A. Signorell, M.A. Wollmer, M. Tsolaki, V. Iakovidou, F. Hörndli, J. Bosset, J. Götz, R.M. Nitsch and C. Hock (2003) Saitohin gene isn’t connected with Alzheimer’s. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 74:362-63.

Fred hoerndli, phd are transported through the


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