Utility migration to ip systems – power system engineering

Utility equipment has typically utilized serial communications pathways. Using the creation of lower-cost high reliability IP systems, the popularity is to replace aging equipment or install new systems with IP because the transport mechanism. For a lot of utilities today, IP-based systems between offices, to substations, and also to other key utility locations really are a logical option for supporting multiple applications on a single network connection. For instance, a software application by having an IP network to some substation may concurrently support SCADA, load management, automatic meter studying/advanced metering infrastructure (AMR/AMI), direct connect with relay configuration ports, video monitoring and a number of other applications.

Utility migration to ip systems - power system engineering bandwidth assessments

Power System Engineering, Corporation. (PSE)’s Migration to IP Systems services include:

  • Evaluating the advantages, costs, risks, and process for moving for an IP network
  • Designing the best IP-based solution including: path studies, bandwidth assessments, technology review, and budgets
  • Addressing migration from legacy equipment and software which use proprietary and/or serial communication protocols
  • Preparing detailed request proposal (RFP) specifications including interfaces to any or all equipment and systems
  • Assisting within the selection and contracting of communication equipment and repair providers
  • Facilitating or assisting using the deployment process

Utility migration to ip systems - power system engineering IP network to some substation

Resourse: https://powersystem.org/

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