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“For me, FEL-100 would be a great chance to both widen and deepen my perspective around the energy sector. The programme also offered an amazing opportunity to have fun playing the global energy dialogue. Things I enjoy most is dealing with passionate energy professionals all over the world, as well as meeting new people and making buddies. The FEL-100 programme is essential for youthful professionals prepared to end up being the energy leaders of tomorrow. ”

Pirjo Jantunen, Future Energy Leader and former FEL-100 Chair

Future energy leaders opportunity to

From the Junior Oil Trader in Libya to senior engineers and regulatory advisors in a few of the world’s largest energy companies, the FELs community includes probably the most outstanding youthful professional leaders and practitioners within the energy ecosystem. Representing greater than 65 countries around the globe, this community forges strong connections and delivers a variety of projects to assist your way towards effective energy transition. In 2019 we’re excited to welcome 32 new leaders joining the FEL community.

Future energy leaders Meet our Future Energy Leaders

Meet our Future Energy Leaders

Resourse: https://worldenergy.org/impact-communities/

Future Energy Leaders: our vision for the future (english sub)