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Semiconductors came to be in the usa, and also the U.S. still leads the planet in primary-edge semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing. U.S. semiconductor companies commanded up to 50 % from the $469 billion global semiconductor market in 2018.

About 50 % of U.S. semiconductor companies’ advanced manufacturing base is incorporated in the U . s . States, and 19 states are the place to find major semiconductor manufacturing facilities. The U . s . States exported $44 billion in semiconductors in 2018 and keeps a consistent trade surplus in semiconductors, using more than 80 % of U.S. semiconductor companies’ sales likely to overseas customers. Contributing to one-fifth of U.S. semiconductor companies’ sales will get plowed back to R&D, driving outstanding semiconductor innovation.

Winning the long run - semiconductor industry association has propelled

Advancements in semiconductor technology happen to be measured by “Moore’s Law,” the observation that the amount of transistors with an section of plastic will double roughly every 18 to 24 several weeks. In excess of half a century, ale the semiconductor industry to keep this rapid pace of innovation has propelled a technology revolution through massive increases in computing power at lower costs.

Winning the long run - semiconductor industry association in semiconductors

To keep our innovation trajectory for the following half a century and win your competition for global leadership within the technologies for the future, the U.S. must lead the planet in semiconductor innovation.


The competition in semiconductor industry between China and the U.S.

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  • TS Choong: To compete, you need to change your mindset to a completely different way of doing things. If you continue to try to catch up with the leaders, you are going to fail. Very different innovative methods are the methods to use to change completely the way things are done and produced. You should never copy the existing setup.
    Therefore since you are not burdened with the actual high costs of manufacturing semiconductors, you may look at other methods for achieving even better performance than the present system can offer.
    The way forward is to start with basic research in a very deep level and provide the best facilities for the eventual development of new technology.