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LESI celebrates World Ip Day by coordinating worldwide occasions organized by L’ensemble des national societies.


World IP Day started through the World Ip Organization (WIPO) “to promote discussion from the role of ip (IP) in encouraging innovation and creativeness . . . a distinctive chance every year to participate with other people around the world to think about how IP plays a role in the flourishing of music and also the arts and also to driving the technology that can help shape the world.Inches

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<p><strong>Please join the next L'ensemble des Societies in celebrating All over the world 2019:</strong></p>
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L’ensemble des SocietyCoordinatorPlanned Occasions
Andean  Arab Countries  Argentina  ANZJanet Benson AustriaThomas AdockerL’ensemble des Austria is going to be hosting a breakfast event on 7 May in Vienna. The theme is going to be “Trade Mark Law – latest changes and also the effects thereof for that practitioners”. Loudspeakers include Dr. Markus Stangl (Mind of brand name Department, Austrian Patent Office), Dr. Dominik Göbel (Gassauer-Fleissner Rechtsanwälte) and Dr. Katharina Schmid (schmid-ip).Benelux  South america  Britain & IrelandMark Cruickshank25 April – Dinner in Edinburgh with David Nichol, Mind of Legal at Very Palace FC. He’ll discuss his career up to now and just how his current role supports Very Palace both off and on the pitch.Chile  ChinaRebecca Zhao China – Hong KongDavid SwainIn celebration from the approaching World IP Day, the Licensing Executives Society, China – Hong Kong Sub-Chapter (“LESCHK”) located a cyber briefing by Jano Bermudes of Ankura, adopted with a panel session on private data security and breaches with Jano, Karen Lee of Mayer Brown, and David Swain of Deacons.


LESCHK may also be hosting an evening of bowling as well as networking on 24 April at Bowling Alley Bar, Hong Kong Club.

Chinese TaipeiCzech Republic & Slovakia

France  Germany  HungaryZsófia Kerepesi17 May – L’ensemble des Hungary in cooperation using the Hungarian Number of AIPPI, the Hungarian IP and Copyright Association, the Hungarian Trademark Association, the Hungarian Ip Office holds a celebration on college-industry collaboration in Budapest.India  Israel  Italia  Japan  Korea  MalaysiaMichelle Loi Choi YokeL’ensemble des Malaysia is going to be organizing a sports-related seminar with WIPO Mediation and Arbitration Focus on 10 May together of the year’s theme. The seminar is titled “ Malaysia’s Ip Legal rights in Sports, Commercialisation and Commercial Sports Disputes”.Mexico  PhilippinesPatricia BunyeA forum “LEAD: Reaching Your IP’s Full Potential” is going to be locked in celebration of All over the world With L’ensemble des 2019/World Ip Day/the Philippines’ National IP Month. Jointly backed using the Philippine Ip Office (IPOPHL). The big event will occur on 25 April at En Salle College, BGC Campus.Belgium  Russia  Scandinavia  Singapore  NigeriaMadelein KleynL’ensemble des SA is going to be hosting a celebration at ENSafrica, Capetown on 26 April. The Keynote Speaker, John Steinhobel (Steinhobel Design), is going to be presenting “Activating IP globally for exponential returns within the Sport Design Sphere”. Mansoor Parker (ENSafrica) may also speak on “Sport licensing: Tax factors”.The country & Portugal  Europe  Thailand  Poultry

  • 26 April – “Comprehending the Commercialization”, Omer Hiziroglu (Board Person in L’ensemble des Poultry) and Hande Hancar (Board Person in L’ensemble des Poultry).
  • 26 April – “Patents in Blockchain World”, Mustafa Çakır (General Secretary of L’ensemble des Poultry).
  • 29 April – “IP in Universities” Murat Idal (President of L’ensemble des Poultry) and Mustafa Çakır.
  • 30 April – “Yesteryear, Present and Way forward for IP in Poultry”, Murat Idal and Ersin Dereligil (Founding President of L’ensemble des Poultry).
  • 2 May – “IPR and Commercialization for Business Owners”, Murat Idal.
  • USA & CanadaChristine Nolan
  • 24 April – Bay Area Chapter: “Date Licensing, Valuation & Monetization: Common Pitfalls and the way to Prevent Them.”
  • 25 April – Vancouver Chapter celebrates World IP Day.
  • 25 April – Toronto Chapter celebrates World IP Day.
  • 29 April – Iowa Chapter:”Ip Valuation and Royalty Audits”.


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