Toward future ip optical backbone systems

The rapid and aggressive transmission of broadband access services for example fiber towards the home (FTTH) continues to be speeding up the rise in IP traffic volume and new networking technology is needed to be able to accommodate future traffic inside a cost-effective manner. This paper overviews the advanced IP optical network architecture and technologies for very-large-scale IP backbone systems. These technology is the important thing to support the large volumes of IP traffic expected and control network sources within an effective and dynamic manner. We describe advanced IP optical networking technologies which accommodate multiple service systems using multi-instance technologies, and let multi-layer traffic engineering using virtual network topology technologies. The migration scenario is described in the existing systems to GMPLS systems reference is built to the advanced Path Computation Element (PCE) which helps multi-layer traffic engineering and MPLS/GMPLS migration. New network concepts for example Layer 1 Virtual Private Network (L1VPN) and GMPLS interoperability issues, that are being discussed in IETF, will also be described.

Toward future ip optical backbone systems will also


Toward future ip optical backbone systems We describe advanced IP

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