F5 unity+ partner program

Our Approved Training Center (ATC) program helps resellers and training organizations become certified to educate F5’s training curriculum.

This program requires no less than two trainers certified within the courses you need to educate, along with the combination purchase and/or rental associated with a materials and classroom equipment needed.

Resellers that become Approved Training Center partners can offer a “one-stop shop” for his or her customers, particularly when training is coupled with first- and 2nd-level support. This full-circle approach strengthens the client-reseller relationship, also it provides another stream of revenue in the F5 product family.

Similarly, training organizations that operate F5 Approved Schools can reap the financial advantages of teaching courses which are more and more sought after in the market. With an inexpensive of entry and rapid Return on investment, the ATC program makes good financial sense for businesses that already provide training.

Find out more about the F5 Approved Training Center program by contacting the local F5 salesman, or call F5 directly at 1-888-88-BIG-IP in The United States. (Outdoors The United States, please call +206-272-5555.)

Browse the F5 instructor certification faq’s. You are able to sign up for F5 training online.

F5 unity+ partner program This program requires no less

Resourse: https://f5.com/partners/

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