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Synaptic Laboratories Limited. is really a small research company which has focussed on designing fundamental breakthrough technologies to produce Safe and sound solutions that deliver exceptional performance, with simplicity of use, in programmable computing (FPGA) and ASIC devices.

Synaptic Labs’ innovation continues to be recognised and it has led to strong partnerships with the likes of Apple Corp. that has selected and it is promoting Synaptic Labs’ IP globally. Cypress Semiconductor promotes our IP for his or her highly innovative HyperBus recollections (HyperRAM and HyperFlash). All COTS development board makers for Apple and Xilinx FPGA devices with HyperBus support are standardised on Synaptic Labs HyperBus controller IP. Including Apple Corporation, Terasic Corporation (Taiwan), devboards GmbH and Trenz Electronics GmbH.

Companies using Synaptic Labs’ technology are distributed in lots of countries – USA, Canada, throughout Asia (e.g. China, Taiwan, Sth Korea, Japan,) and EU and EMEA, CIS, etc). They are available from many industries.

You’ll find support and introductions to HyperBus recollections with Synaptic Labs’ controller IP in practically any country through Apple FPGA Field Application Engineers (FAE). Also with the FPGA FAE’s from the leading electronics distribution the likes of Arrow, Arrow Asica, Arrow Europe, Macnica, Altima, Elsena, EFO Limited. and much more.

Synaptic Labs offers a variety of highly innovative soft IP products that can considerably reduce project hardware costs while delivering exactly the same or far superior performance. More details are available here, on this web site. A good option to begin is around the Webpage of the website.

For instance, Synaptic Labs’ offers an innovative new memory management invention (patents awarded and pending globally) that considerably reduces the quantity of circuit area require to apply the functionality present in memory management units (MMU) and memory protection units (MPU). MMU and MPU abilities therefore become much more viable options in smaller sized minimizing cost hardware devices that formerly couldn’t afford the advantages of these technologies.

Synaptic Labs can also be approved and it is presently allowing the first gateway between your Apple FPGA environments and Amazon’s AWS (Amazon . com Web Services). This can deliver simple turnkey solutions for FPGA people to the globally popular FreeRTOS and Amazon . com FreeRTOS solutions, with the additional advantage of easy accessibility together with your services and solutions provided by Amazon . com AWS.

Their key managers are Australian’s located in the beautiful nation of Georgia. We love the participation and support of an array of professional and technical experts from Europe, the united states, and Asia. Synaptic Labs’ lead design engineers have collected greater than twenty years experience each in FPGA hardware design.

Technical contacts

You initially points of contact in Synaptic Labs’ for those our technology solutions are FPGA hardware experts.

Mind Office and all sorts of enquiries:

Benjamin GITTINS

Director and Chief Technology Officer

Mobile, Viber, Facetime, or WhatsApp: +995551026588


Company information Tbilisi, 1060, Georgia

Time Zone: GMT+4



Senior Lead Research and style Engineer

Mobile: +356 79467796


Time Zone: Central European Time

Should you prefer a technical reason for contact throughout your home country for product demonstration purposes then please contact Synaptic Labs’ on and we’ll result in the introduction.

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Limited Synaptic Laboratories (ID 412725939)

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Limited Synaptic Laboratories (+995 551 026 588)

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Limited Synaptic Laboratories

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