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TAG Playout Solution
Here is sign from the functionality supplied by the TAG solution for probing, and multviewing inside the playout
application. TAG’s ability to utilize both uncompressed and compressed formats offers the finest versatility in handling probably the most complex workflows. Additionally, TAG’s solution offers both probing and multiviewing function inside the same solution which supplies simplified workflows for that operators.
Finally, TAG’s robust and open API structure enables deep integration with 3rd party network management systems and broadcast control systems to become easily configured and provide the critical important information to function and manage the ability. All inside a 100% software, 100% COTS solutions. TAG Leveraging the entire Potential of IP Workflows For a long time broadcasters have recognized the need for relocating to an IP workflow. Until lately, this promise is not fully leveraged because of the massive bandwidth, quality and speed needs from the primary broadcast applications. Both live production and playout applications push these needs towards the limit. And in those applications, the technical demands around the multiviewer using the many inputs, outputs, speed quality and agility, have needed dedicated hardware to process the applying.

TAG Video Systems has overcome this limitation while offering 100% software running on 100% standard out of the box hardware solutions for probing, monitoring and multiviewing, for those broadcast applications (live production, playout, satellite/ cable/IPTV and OTT delivery) built-into one solution.
This now provides broadcasters with much more simplified workflows, using the greatest degree of scalability and versatility on the market in the greatest quality.

Using COTS server hardware frees broadcasters from getting to purchase and support custom, application specific hardware or vendor provided computer appliances. We feel strongly that soon, broadcasters can deploy 100% software on COTS hardware for those functions over the broadcast ecosystem and lastly leverage the entire potential of IP.

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Resourse: https://tagvs.com/playout-master-control-use-situation/

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