Snc-xm631 – the new sony – security ip camera, small


  • The Sensitive, High Definition Exmor CMOS Sensor Captures Crisp, Detail-Packed Full HD Video Images
  • A Horizontal Viewing Position of 113 Degree Helps make the Camera Well suited for Wide Area Surveillance, Requiring Less Camera to pay for exactly the same Space
  • Top Quality Imaging is Assured by The new sony Unique IPELA ENGINE EX Signal Processing Platform that mixes Effective Signal Processing with Intelligent Video Analytics Technologies
  • Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction Assures Obvious Low-Light Images, While Visibility Enhan cer Dynamically Optimizes Brightness and Color Reproduction on the Pixel by Pixel Basis
  • Extra Intelligence is Added by DEPA Advanced Analytics with Face Recognition that may Trigger Alarms According to User-Determined Rule
  • Innovative View-DR Technology Achieves an engaged Range Equal to 90 dB, Recording Objects Clearly and Adaptively Despite Harsh Backlighting or Sun-Drenched Highlights
  • Your Camera is capable of doing Recording Obvious Images in Really Low Light Conditions-Minimum Illumination of .3 lx colored Mode and .3 lx in Black/White-colored Mode
  • Electronic Day/Night Function Instantly Switches your camera Between Day (Color) and Night (Black/White-colored) Modes, Based on Light Levels
  • The In-Built Image Stabilizer Cuts down on the Results of Trembling Camera or Vibration for Steadier Images with Reduced Blur
  • A range of Selectable Picture Modes Optimizes Camera Settings for the best Display Quality in an array of Applications and Lighting Atmosphere
  • Select Constant Bitrate, Variable Bitrate or VBR with Cap Compression Modes for Enhanced Recording Quality Based on IP Network Condition
  • Edge Storage Enables Recording of Video Straight to an Optional SD/SDHC Card, Even If a Network Connection Isn’t Available
  • Your Camera is Powered Using PoE Using a Standard RJ-45 Connector, Simplifying Installation and Eliminating the requirement for Additional Power Cable
  • This Enables the Lens Unit to become Switched in Pan, Tilt and Rotate Axes for Versatile Camera Position Adjustment
  • E-Varifocal Enables Electronic Zooming and Adjustment of Field of View for simple, Flexible Installation without Cumbersome Focus Re-Adjustment that Needed with Optical Varifocal Lens
  • Additionally towards the Camera Provided Lens, Three Optional Fixed Lenses can also be found having a Horizontal Viewing Position of 83 Levels, 51 Levels and 25 Levels Correspondingly to permit Flexible Field of View Camera Setting
  • Your Camera is Vandal Resistant by having an IK10 Impact Rating, for defense Against Destructive Behavior
  • Safely Connect to the Camera Utilizing a Smartphone or Table
Snc-xm631 - the new sony - security ip camera, small and Night

Tech Info

IEEE 802.3af, UL 2044, JATE, IEC 60950-1, VCCI, FCC, IC, EN 55022/50130-4/55024, AS/NZS CISPR22, KCC, EMC-TR

Snc-xm631 - the new sony - security ip camera, small Full HD Video Images

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