Ip gateway

A computer in the center of the picture in front of a vanishing point with various screenshots from the IP Gateway tools around the computer.The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security’s (CISA), Infrastructure Security Division (ISD) leads the coordinated national effort to secure the nations critical infrastructure all natural and man made hazards through the treating of risk and also the enhancement of resilience. This is achieved together with the critical infrastructure community. The critical infrastructure community can weigh the chance costs of creating adjustments according to national data specific to infrastructure inside their sector. This enables for additional informed economical decisions.

The IP Gateway Computer play an important role in allowing federal, condition, local, tribal, territorial, and sector partners to recognize, evaluate, and manage risk to safeguard the country.

The Infrastructure Protection Gateway (IP Gateway) can serve as the only interface by which DHS partners have access to a wide range of integrated infrastructure protection tools and knowledge to conduct comprehensive vulnerability assessments and risk analysis. This, consequently, enables homeland security partners to rapidly identify relevant vulnerability and consequence data meant for event planning, incident readiness, and response efforts.

Resourse: https://dhs.gov/cisa/

Networking Fundamentals – 02 – IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway