Bird & bird – rebecca o’kelly-gillard

My particular focus helps clients solve trade mark and copyright problems that possess a digital or online focus.

A main issue with my practice is dealing with companies to setup their global brand enforcement projects: using technology to streamline approaches for clients making their anti-counterfeit programmes as economical as you possibly can. The work includes developing ways of help large global brands safeguard and enforce their legal rights online violation, considering the complicating risks regarding new gTLDs. Included in developing global anti-counterfeit strategies I’ve labored extensively using the customs government bodies consequently I had been asked is the Irish liaison between legal rights holders and worldwide customs government bodies within the early on around the globe Customs Organisations’ innovative Interface Public-People Tool project.

My digital focus pertains to all IP issues arising online, including highly complex issues regarding copyright violation, hyperlinking and also the communication of activly works to the general public. I make use of a selection of service platforms, content proprietors and content creators helping them navigate their business against a altering legislative backdrop, enabling these to maximize their digital and knowledge assets for commercial success.

While my focus continues to be on contentious IP work – including mediation and arbitration – I’ve also labored on major corporate transactions with significant IP issues, particularly on transactions which involve complex mix-border issues, future-proofing IP plans to consider account of digital developments.

I am also thinking about the way we can be cultivated new ways of supplying our services to clients and forcing us to consider creatively: I love to challenge the way we can take shape better relationships with this clients which help them with techniques traditional lawyers don’t.

I became a member of they at Bird & Bird this year after training and practising having a leading Irish law practice for quite some time and dealing in a ‘magic circle’ firm working in london.

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