Japan summit home

Japan summit home addresses the requirements
Japan summit home addresses the requirements

Jennifer Hofmann, virtual classroom and blended learning pioneer, is founder and president of InSync Training. Her entirely virtual talking to firm focuses on the look and delivery of engaging, innovative, and efficient modern blended learning. Under Hofmann’s expert leadership, Corporation. 5005,000 named InSync Training the tenth fastest growing education company within the U . s . States in 2013 and also the 20th fastest growing education company in 2014 additionally, it added InSync Training to the Corporation. 5,000 list for four consecutive years. Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Forbes Most Effective Women Issue, the NativeAdVantage, and Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Companies have recognized Hofmann’s entrepreneurial drive.

Hofmann has written and led to numerous well-received and highly considered books such as the Synchronous Trainer’s Survival Guide: Facilitating Effective Live Web Based Classes, Conferences, and Occasions, Live an internet-based!: Tips, Techniques, and able to Use Activities for that Virtual Classroom, and Tailored Learning: Designing the Blend That Matches with Nanette Miner. Her latest book, Blended Learning, introduces a brand new instructional design model that addresses the requirements of the current workplace and modern learners.

She frequently presents in-person an internet-based for leading learning organizations including Training Magazine, The Association for Talent Development, the eLearning Guild, Training Industry, and Training Mag Network. Sign up for her blog Getting InSync and fasten together with her on LinkedIn for brand new content and timely insight.

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