2019 ipo annual meeting – ip proprietors association

Wednesday, September 25


Effective Control over Parallel Proceedings to make sure Consistency, Credibility and Success

Organizing Committees: U.S. Publish-Grant Patent Office Practice, Litigation, and U.S. Worldwide Trade Commission

Patent litigation more and more requires counsel to handle parallel proceedings across multiple forums. With various burdens, standards, and procedural frameworks, this is often challenging. Loudspeakers will address proper situation management methods to minimize risk, maintain credibility, and be sure consistency of positions.

Double Patenting – Are You Currently in Double Trouble?

Organizing Committees: Pharma & Biotech Issues, Canadian Practice, European Practice, Latin American Practice, and U.S. Patent Office Practice

Double patenting issues can arise for various kinds of applications (including divisionals, continuations, priority, convention filings), and also the different practices within and across patent offices may cause serious damage to applicants attempting to safeguard commercially important inventions particularly outdoors the U.S. where terminal disclaimers aren’t available. This session covers key issues on double patenting and customary pitfalls to prevent.

Beginning of the New Trend: Licensing and Standards within the Coming Chronilogical age of 5G

Organizing Committee: IP Licensing and Standard Setting

Using the coming creation of the 5G communications protocol and it is broad applicability, individuals searching to leverage its enhanced communication speeds and capacities need to comprehend licensing and transactional concepts within the wireless space, along with the impact of normal essential patents. Loudspeakers will explore the backdrop and intersection of 5G and standard essential patents, in addition to licensing factors involving disparate technologies and business models through the IoT world along with other industries influenced by 5G, from automotive to healthcare, to consumer products.

Trademark Issues in Popular Culture: Ripped in the Headlines

Organizing Committee: U.S. Trademark Law

A panel discussion will dive into press and media management of trademark and copyright issues – the things they get wrong, the things they get right, and just what really happens behind the curtain. Additionally, panelists will explore the way the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office addresses trademark filings according to “hot topics” from real-existence occasions.

Wednesday, September 25


The On-Purchase Bar after Helsinn: In the Top Court to rehearse

Organizing Committee: U.S. Patent Law

This session covers the condition from the law regarding the on-purchase bar, including insights around the impact from the U.S. Top Court decision in Helsinn Healthcare v. Teva Pharmaceuticals, the en banc Federal Circuit decision in Medicines Company v. Hospira, and up to date district court decisions. The panel will talk about guidelines for corporate and outdoors counsel.

Protecting Medical Cannabis Innovation – In Smoke?

Organizing Committees: Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Issues and U.S. Patent Office Practice

This session is perfect for general information purposes and isn’t supposed to have been and cannot be used as legal counsel.

This session will give you a short summary of IP, general legal, and business factors with regards to cannabis/cannabis-derived medicines. The panel may also discuss trademark, trade secret, and privacy factors for medical cannabis.

IP Protection for Data

Organizing Committees: Free, Software Related Inventions, and Trade Secrets

2019 ipo annual meeting - ip proprietors association that such companies

This session will address the various ways in which data and databases are safe under U.S. law, such as the pros and cons of various IP frameworks along with a contrast with data protection laws and regulations outdoors the U.S. Loudspeakers will talk about how information is getting used they are driving U.S. companies and also the proper choices that such companies are thinking about to safeguard their data or making data available included in the open data movement, by which advocates promote the use of open source concepts towards the collection and distribution of information.

May be the New EU Copyright Directive Likely to Break the web?

Organizing Committees: Copyright Law & Anti-Piracy and European Practice

The session will examine if the lately passed EU Copyright Directive concerning payments that’ll be because of creators by content discussing platforms is really a minor and fair rebalancing of negotiating power or perhaps a paradigm shift which will “break” the web. The panel will describe the brand new law, discuss its future national implementation and interpretation of their terms, compare the problem within the EU using the U.S. DMCA, and discuss the implications for worldwide commerce.

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