Edgeswitch, ip config, routing ip interface config, and static routes

We’re replacing a maturing Juniper Switch having a ES48. Our Juniper did L3 routing for a lot of our VLAN subnets in addition to VLAN10 so it was on. (We’re not using VLAN1). We want the ES to complete exactly the same factor. This switch may be the default router for VLAN10. Also, a few of the next hops for other VLANs have been in VLAN 10. Therefore the next hop for 192.168.5./24 (VLAN50) is

Edgeswitch, ip config, routing ip interface config, and static routes VLAN10 so it was

Here’s what I am attempting to configre.

  • ES IPv4 address is It’s on management VLAN10 that is our server and core switch VLAN. I’ve this configured. This really is great.
  • In Routing/IP/Interface Configuration I am attempting to select VLAN 10 and hang the Ip from the VLAN10 interface as however when I actually do I recieve “There’s a subnect conflict netween specified ip as well as an already configured Ip.” When I comprehend it, I want this to operate so the next thing could work.
  • I have to setup a static route next hop to 192.168.50./24 (VLAN50) however it will not allow me to because I haven’t got the above mentioned interface setup.

I am stuck!

Edgeswitch, ip config, routing ip interface config, and static routes allow me to because

Resourse: https://community.ui.com/questions/EdgeSwitch-IP-config-Routing-IP-Interface-Config-and-Static-Routes/

Ubiquiti Routing and Switching Basics – Part 6A – Static Routing

  • Dodgy Brothers Engineering: That was surprisingly easy to follow. Probably helps that I have been tinkering with a Ubiquiti switch and router for the last week just diving in the deep end and learning the ropes by trial and error. I also think you just answered my question of how to access the GUI of the modem (PPPOE) that is in Bridge Mode in another network. Quick question I noticed Switch0 in another video, how do you get that to show up? All the wizards I tried don't automatically create that for you (EdgeRouter Lite 3 / EdgeSwitch 24).
  • Spoon Man: question:
    on 28:27 why don't you select "Protocol > All protocols" ? In the Part 1 video it was enabled in NAT.
  • Zachary Krell: This is way more complicated than you needed to make to teach static routing. Why did you put radio stuff in this? To confuse people who don't know much and are trying to learn?