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network interface or ip to make use of am sure this should have" title="Vmix-settings-web -> network interface or ip to make use of am sure this should have" width="696" height="301">
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Website Domain Url: Picks some "random-ant" network interface to assign a previous address to, as well as in my situation, as tested on 6 machines, most likely the incorrect one.

I attempted disabling network cards, and also the function breaks.

I attempted pulling "A network card", also it just assigns with a other network interface (an open forward facing card within this situation), still the incorrect on.

I am unable to spend all day long, gradually rending the machine useless to debug further.

OK. therefore it is a busted marketed feature.

Point is, when the system can dial home to determine the license, also it can look for updates, it ought to be able have this right (and really should be configurable – it ought to focus on the right network interface to become helpful). Ideally, like a default, only use exactly the same interface it dials home on or checks for updates with. Still, configurable could be good.

OK. And So I attempted this:


<setting name="WebServerAddress" serializeAs="String"> <value>> setting>

No such luck.

I attempted searching the forum (can’t look for "web" or "ip" because the internet search engine needed 4 figures – an element that plagues me).

I am sure this should have been reported before (I attempted RTFM), so luck.

So whats the fix?

Thanks ahead of time, VMix absolutely rocks (with simply a couple of rough edges). We’re beginning to advertise it now, and shortly, will be sending a lot more sales the right path.


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Resourse: https://forums.vmix.com/posts/


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