Certified labs


Be a Pedal rotation Certified Lab

The Pedal rotation® Academic Network provides a certification program for college labs to exhibit our prime-quality standards of the teachers and examiners. Students who’ve accomplished courses in certified labs may also be certified.


  • Get comprehensive understanding of Cadence’s condition-of-the-art technology to keep conserve a high-quality standard in education
  • Share our leading-edge industry-standard technology in electronic design automation together with your students
  • Be acknowledged as experts inside a certain Pedal rotation technology
  • Market your lab for your future students and also the community
Certified labs high-quality standard

Five Simple Steps to get Certified

  1. Choose a number of Pedal rotation Technologies to be certified.
  2. Select several lab instructors who’ll receive certificates as Pedal rotation Certified Lab Instructors.
  3. Instructors attend and pass all of the needed iLS classes for the chosen Pedal rotation technology.
  4. After finishing the iLS courses, the college laboratory and also the lab instructors get certified.
  5. Stay updated! The certification is going to be valid for just one year. To resume the certification you will have to fulfill brand new core iLS courses that are presently available around of the certification.

Resourse: https://pedal rotation.com/content/pedal rotation-www/global/en_US/home/company/pedal rotation-academic-network/college-software-program/

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