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A lot of students get access to a passionate lab dashboard you can use to trace your courseware and lab progress. This panel offers details about the lab machines, including hints in situation you receive stuck in a specific lab machine. This method for you to choose what your learning path in the Virtual Hacking Labs may be like. Would you should you prefer a full black box approach and root all machines by yourself? Or would you should you prefer a balance between your theoretical and practical area of the course with a few help on the way?

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The hints aren’t direct solutions for that lab machines however they contain enough information to push you within the right direction. To help keep the Virtual Hacking Labs challenging for everybody we simply provide hints for that Beginner and Advanced machines. The Advanced+ hosts would be the final challenge and therefore are excluded from hints.


The Virtual Hacking Labs is made for anybody that wishes to understand and exercise transmission testing inside a safe virtual atmosphere. Even though you have little if any experience of transmission testing, the Virtual Hacking Labs is a superb starting point your ethical hacking journey. The provided courseware covers the fundamentals of transmission testing and offers a good foundation to get effective within the labs. The labs contain entry-level vulnerable machines for novices and much more advanced machines for skilled transmission testers and individuals who finished the newbie level hosts. We offer a frightening and dynamic atmosphere for novices searching to rehearse transmission testing online, experts that are looking to hone their transmission testing skills and for Certified Ethical Online hackers searching for online practice labs additionally towards the theoretical area of the CEH course.

For novices there’s a couple of small prerequisites which contain an over-all knowledge of fundamental IT concepts, general knowledge of os’s and some time and motivation to discover transmission testing. Anybody with fundamental understanding of those subjects and also the motivation to understand, can start learning transmission testing within the Virtual Hacking Labs. Working out materials will educate you all you need to know to help you get began within the labs, in the very basics of transmission testing to more complex subjects.

Nonetheless fundamental understanding concerning the following subjects is extremely helpful:

  • Basics use of (Kali) Linux and Home windows os’s.
  • General knowledge of networking.
  • Fundamental command line usage.
  • Having the ability to setup and make use of a Virtual Machine.

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Certificate of Completion

When you get root/administrator access on a minimum of 20 lab machines (Beginner or Advanced) and supply documentary evidence of that achievement, you are able to make an application for the VHL Certificate of Completion. Just try root/administrator access on a minimum of 10 Advanced+ machines (and exploiting a minimum of two vulnerabilities without needing any automated tools or openly available scripts), then you’re titled to try to get the VHL Advanced+ Certificate of Completion. Certificates of Completion come by means of a customized PDF and sent by email.

The VHL Certificate of Completion is incorporated at no additional cost having a month pass and greater.

To become qualified for that VHL Certificate of Completion you have to:

  • Get root/administrator access on a minimum of 20 lab machines.
  • Supply documentation from the exploited vulnerabilities.
  • Supply screenshots showing that you simply rooted the lab machines.
  • Give you the items in key.txt files in the rooted lab machines.

To become qualified for that VHL Advanced+ Certificate of Completion you have to:

  • Achieve root/administrator/system access on a minimum of 10 Advanced+ lab machines.
  • Effectively perform manual exploitation with a minimum of two vulnerabilities on any two lab machines (i.e. without making use of automated tools for example Metasploit or using openly available scripts). The selected vulnerabilities ought to be exploited before with openly available exploits or Metasploit to be able to qualify
  • Provide documentation showing how all of the vulnerabilities on all 10 lab machines were exploited, don’t include (compiled) exploits together with your documentation
  • Include screenshots showing that you simply rooted the lab machines
  • Give you the items in key.txt files in the rooted lab machines.

The documentation should a minimum of contain details about the exploited vulnerabilities, like the CVE ID’s, used exploits and screenshots from the exploitation process. The screenshots should contain a minimum of the next information: Lab machine IP, your IP and also the used instructions (command line, URL’s, demands etc.). For privilege escalation likewise incorporate screenshots using the creation of the id/whoami/getuid command pre and post executing the exploit.

Finishing the transmission testing course may qualify you for 40 (ISC)² CPE and EC Council credit hrs. The Certificate of Completion can be used proof for finishing the program.

Transmission testing lab used proof for

After submitting the documentation to info @ we’ll by hand verify the data and appearance the authenticity from the screenshots. Make sure to incorporate your student ID and complete name to show around the Certificate of Completion within the documentation. Also employ the e-mail address you’ve registered with towards the Virtual Hacking Labs. Once the provided documentation and screenshots happen to be approved we’ll send the Certificate of Completion as quickly as possible.

System Needs

We advise a desktop or laptop computer with access to the internet that is capable of doing:

  • Managing a recent form of Home windows, OSX or Linux.
  • Managing a virtual demonstration of Kali Linux in VMWare Player Free or Oracle VirtualBox.

The Virtual Hacking Labs supplies virtual machine images having a pre-installed SSL Virtual private network client. These images generally require following sources:

  • No less than 20 GB disk space
  • No less than 1 GB RAM
  • A reliable web connection

Lab Access Passes

The lab access is purchased for some time. This subscription-based prices model based enables you in deciding just how much you need to invest in the program beginning as little as $99,- for 30 days.

Options Week pass Month pass Year pass
Full Lab Access Yes Yes Yes
Days 7 31 365
Full Online Courseware Yes Yes Yes
Certificate of Completion No Yes Yes
Personal Reset Interface Yes Yes Yes
Advanced progress tracking Yes Yes Yes
Download courseware No Yes Yes
E-book No Yes Yes

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