A glimpse to return of ip video — security today

Go forward to 2016. Today’s IP cameras are many years in front of their analog

predecessors. They’re not only vastly better when it comes to resolution, low light capacity,

forensic information and built-in intelligence, but additionally in the manner they’re

mounted and installed. Tools and technology like PoE, outside readiness and remote

focus adjustments have greatly simplified installation. These advancements,

in addition to IP video’s enormous scalability and open-standards design, would be the reasons

why IP-based systems have grown to be the only real consideration for enterprise-level

installations. Today, you’ll find systems using more than 10,000 network cameras

built-into just one surveillance system, as well as some using more than 100,000

cameras. This degree of scalability and seamless integration along with other systems such

as access control could simply be possible using IP technology. Now, thermal technology

has joined the world giving another dimension to IP surveillance.

A glimpse to return of ip video -- security today re not only vastly better

One projection which has yet to achieve fruition is video intelligence, sometimes known

as analytics. The present marketplace is much smaller sized than initially predicted. The sluggish

growth up to now comes from the overall immaturity from the technology, the shortage

of video analytics vendors of relevant size, unclear patent situations, and also the poor

precision and cost felt by many finish users. You will find, however, a couple of solid

applications like people counting and license plate recognition which are becoming


Resourse: https://securitytoday.com/articles/2016/12/01/

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  • Dr.Z: 12:45 how is that a solution to a DoS? Now I maxed the instance to 4, and the resources are denied due to external traffic that use them. And if I don't, I'd just end up with expensive bell? Is this the Google way to solve the issue?
  • Denis TRUFFAUT: Good talk on per function identity !