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Through the years, we’ve switched IP liabilities into productive assets and came back huge amount of money in cash to the clients because of our brokerage or licensing activities. Most companies are located on underutilized assets which are just waiting to become offer better use and generate cash. At IP Commercialization Labs, we offer full patent brokerage services to both consumers of IP. Up to now, our principals have came back millions of dollars to IP proprietors by helping them identify, market, negotiate and shut patent purchase transactions. Once we identify underutilized assets inside your portfolio, we will help you turn individuals into cash by selling them via our brokerage services. Leveraging our worldwide network, we are able to determine who the possibility buyers are as well as their interests. We help you in valuing and prices your assets so they possess the best opportunity to sell but for the greatest cost. Goal to align your IP together with your business strategy in a manner that maximizes value you.

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