TranquilityNET: Calculating The True Value Of TRANQ

In August, the Tranquility ITHA event is going to take place where TRANQ tokens are going to start being issued to viable candidates. For those who are considering investing in TRANQ, I’m sure you’re curious about the potential return on investment. We’ve studied the TranquilityNET explainers and we’ve come to a pretty solid conclusion on the true value of TRANQ tokens.


What is TranquilityNET?


TranquilityNET is a cloud-based property management system (PMS) for hotels that is heavily focused on security. TranquilityNET is currently in beta phase and the early reviews look extremely promising. TranquilityNET, the application used by hotel agents, connects to TranquilitySERVE, a heavy-duty cloud system built on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Framework. Every single function in TranquilityNET requires and relies on TranquilitySERVE which has a 99.99% uptime.


For the night audit cycle which takes place every 24 hours, TranquilityNET and TranquilitySERVE utilize a 2nd blockchain for added security. That’s where TRANQ comes in.


What is TRANQ?


TRANQ is an ERC-20 token which is used to verify the validity of night audit requests. When the night auditor issues a night audit request, stored TRANQ, exactly half a token, known as a TRANQ audit unit, is sent over to TranquilitySERVE to verify that this is in fact a true audit request from a valid TranquilityNET license. After verification, the 0.5 TRANQ is disposed of by being delivered to a locked wallet which decreases the supply forever.


Every TranquilityNET license comes with 200 TRANQ annually which can complete 400 audits every year. The bonus TRANQ comes as a precaution for potentially failed audits that may occur from time to time. In terms of USD, we are going to calculate the true value of 1 single TRANQ token.


Calculating The Value


There are a total of 51,000,000 TRANQ tokens in existence. Every TranquilityNET license comes with 200 TRANQ which gets replenished every year. Each TranquilityNET license is $902 every year which is rather affordable for PMS software. Judging by the cost of the software alone, we can assume that the value of 1 TRANQ is $4.51, but let’s dig deeper.


200 TRANQ per year for a TranquilityNET license is more than enough but the surplus works in the favor of the investor. More TRANQ locked up in wallets means less tokens on the market. Considering that these TRANQ are eventually gone forever after they are used to verify audit cycles, the value goes up tremendously. $4.51 per TRANQ? Maybe in 2021. By the year 2027, a single TRANQ token could have a value of $28 or more based on the need for more TRANQ. The ITHA of August 2020 dedicated 17,900,000 TRANQ to TranquilityNET licenses. In the Investor Info Explainer, the TranquilityNET TRANQ supply could dwindle after 2027, which would mean that TRANQ would need to be obtained from existing TRANQ holders. They expect the overall TRANQ supply to be solid until the year 2035 where a potential token swap may occur if too much TRANQ has been destroyed. In 2035, the value of 1 TRANQ could hit somewhere between $70 and $130. If TRANQ is swapped for the next-generation token in 2035, value could slowly decrease back to the $30-$50 range. If TRANQ is held onto and not swapped, it could be seen as a rare commodity which could insanely boost value levels. $1000 per TRANQ? It would be nice but let’s be realistic. If you hold TRANQ for 15 years, you should swap it when the time comes.




Being realistic about value, we can say with confidence that the long-term value of 1 TRANQ is somewhere between $12 and $30. Many factors will play into the value but those who are part of the ITHA are in for a real treat if they have patience. In the ITHA, each TRANQ is 0.001 ETH which is $0.23. If someone were to invest $5,000 in TRANQ in August of 2020, they could turn that into $300,000 by 2030! Maybe even more with patience! TranquilityNET is showing promising signs of being big in the hospitality industry so we give TRANQ a big thumbs up in terms of growing wealth.



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