This Type of Tiny Home We love


Australian architecture practice Maddison Architects developed this lovely Barn style Tiny Home. For this mobile home project, a large range of environmentally sustainable design initiatives have been woven into the house, from passive design principles to a range of active systems including integrated solar PV and battery storage.
The starting point of the design is that most recognizable of house shapes, the pitched roof form. A series of operable screens fold out from the fa├žade to form the front deck and entry, extending the living area outside.

Internally the tiny house comprises one main room including kitchen, living and sleeping spaces with a separate compartment for the bathroom.

The considered approach to material selection and efficient use of space aims to prompt further conversation about how we might build more sustainable housing.

Strategic positioning of windows brings in natural light, views and facilitates passive circulation.

Photographs by Maddison ArchitectsVisit site Maddison Architects


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