The Art of Balancing Photographed by Chang Ki Chung


International food photographer Chang Ki Chung begins in fashion and advertising in Seoul, Korea, before starting to photograph mostly still-life of flowers, fruits, and vegetables balancing them with unique shapes and vibrant colors of each natural object.
Commissioned for this series by French publication Le Monde Chung had to create a new weekly still life, showcasing stacks of avocados, halved hard boiled eggs, crusty bread, and cubes of blood red beets.

Chung is more of a personal photographer, a poet who perfectly controls light to dialogue with his subjects and render the objects or plant life that he photographs magnificent.


« The first things I started to shoot were the small plants growing low on the grounds in the fields around me.Then, as I started to cook for myself, cooking materials and kitchen utensils became the objects of my still lives.»




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