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Canary Island Dates are also widely known as the Pineapple Palm. The palm tree is easily recognized Teneriffa Blog through it’s crown of leaves and trunk characteristics. When they are pruned properly, the bottom of the crown, also called the nut, appears to have a pineapple shape. It’s not uncommon to see Pineapple palms, pruned and trimmed to enhance the appearance. Many people consider pruning as defacing and lessening the appearance of the tree. The trunk of the Canary Island Date palm is very recognizable because of its diamond shaped ridges which cover most of trunk. These ridges appear more prominently as the palm matures through scarring of old leaves which have fallen off. As the palm matures, the once small unnoticeable trunk now becomes noticeable. The Canary Island Date palm is also known scientifically as Phoenix canariensis and is from the Canary Islands, which are located off the coast of Africa. The average height that the Phoenix canariensis palm grows is between 50 to 60 feet. The Pineapple palm flowers late spring early summer and has numerous orange seeds which ensure its population. The Canary Island Date has 10 to 15 feet long green leaves that create a stunning crown look. The support for the immense crownshaft is by the massive trunk which is largely appealing. The Canary Island Date palm thrives in acidic soil conditions and full sun. The Canary Date palm is a grand statement for any home, business, or corporate center. For more in depth information about the Canary palm, such as natural habitat, Palm Height, Palm Spread, Palm Speed of growth, Salt Toleration, and types of soil, please visit realpalmtrees.com palm-blog section. Canary Island Date Palm Tree Environmental Impact: Canary Date palm is a beautiful addition to any large yard or garden. However in New Zealand, the Canary Island Date palm tree is known as a “sleeper weed” and has invaded special areas of native habitation growth. Some of these special areas are delicate mangroves and unstable rainforests. The reason the Canary Island Date palm is known as a “sleeper weed” is because its ability to blend into the surroundings as vegetation and is noticed too late to be easily pulled up out of the ground. The wide-spread and not so eco-friendly numbers of the palm is caused by the wildlife which eat the fruit from either the stalk or when fallen on the ground. Canary Island Date Palm Transplanting: If not properly done, transplanting is known to kill the palm. The Pineapple palm needs to be healthy, fertilized, and green before transplanting for a greater success rate. Transplanting should be limited to growth needs and should be carefully thought out. The average height the Pineapple Palm is between 50 to 60 feet and the trunk is 2 to 4 feet in diameter. Before transplanting, make sure there is ample space for the growth of the palm tree and that when pulled out of its spot the roots stay intact together. Also, when planted in partial sun, the growth of the Date Palm tree will be stunted and extra maintenance will be needed for it to receive the proper nutrition. Make sure the hole which is dug for the palm is one to two feet larger than the root ball. Also, to ease the transplant shock, add Mycohorrizal fungi to the side of the root ball before putting the root ball in the hole. After placing the rootball in the hole, ensure that no part of the trunk is buried in the dirt. Then soak the ground around the palm tree 1-2 times a day for the first three weeks without soaking the trunk. Also, insert fertilizer spikes for year round feeding. Applying these easy tips will ensure that the Canary palm tree will thrive. For more in depth information about how to transplant a Large Canary palm, please visit realpalmtrees.com. DIY – Landscape Design The Canary Island Date palm tree would best be suited for larger areas such as large yards, office buildings, corporate centers, or parks. When using a Pineapple palm for landscaping be cognizant of the ultimate height and width of the palm before planting. When you have chosen the area in which you would like to plant the Canary Island Date, ensure that there is proper irrigation to the palm. It is important that your irrigation system or yourself do not apply water or spray water on the trunk of the Canary Island Date palm. The water will encourage bacteria to grow and a very not-so-nice friend, Ganoderma butt rot, to infest the palm and eat away at the palm from inside out. There is no cure for the Ganoderma butt rot, but there is methods of protection against it, just spray the palm with some liquid copper fungicide and stay away from watering the trunk. Once the irrigation and position of the palm tree are thought out, then comes the wonderful variety of palms which can be used to add distinction and interest to the area. Many people use the shade that the Canary Date palm provides as a refuge from the sun. Creating a canopy is an ideal option for planting a Canary Island Date palm, just space them far enough for each palm to receive its own amount of sunlight. You can also use the Canary Island Date palm tree as a tropical backdrop in any setting. The way to accomplish a tropical setting is by mixing other leaf types of palm trees in and underneath the area. To give the area a more native feel, you could plant other woody and herbaceous plants. There is also a fern that thrives in the nut of the palm which, if properly watered, turns the nut of the palm green and gives the Canary palm tree a tropical vibe. DIY – Indoor Design The Canary palm makes a great indoor palm if provided the right environment. The Canary Island Date palm needs an area where full sun is given, so either a full window skylight or a conservatory would be ideal. Since the Canary Island is indoors, it will need extra nutrients to maintain its constant vitality. Also, good waterings are needed along with good drainage soil in the pot. Place small rocks or pebbles into the soil for good drainage. As long as the Canary Date palm has full sunlight, properly watered, and sufficiently nutriented it should thrive in any indoor setting. The Canary Island Date can be placed as a socialistic starter when placed in the decorating scheme of a room. Take into consideration the surround area to which the Canary Island Date palm will be placed, usually the surrounding area has to complement the palm tree. There are endless shapes and colors of vases and pots to choose from which can give the palm tree an extra oomph. Try using contrasting and vibrant colors to showcase the palm tree.   This Spanish Archipelago is a combination of seven main islands along with several tiny islets and a small island. With two cities, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas, as its capital, Canary Islands are result of volcanic activities.Gran Canaria is known for its amazing tourist resorts, shiny and sunny climate as well as amazing tourist attractions. When holidaying in Canary Islands, Gran Canaria can offer you attractions like Sioux City, lots of amusement and Water Parks for a lovely family enjoyment, such as Aqualand Aquasur, Parque de los Cocodrilos, holiday world and many more. Tourists and visitors find Gran Canaria as an attractive option for their holiday in Canary Island because of its beaches, nightlife and all the family fun spots. This third major island accordance to its size has amazing scenery and picturesque views to offer along with pine forest, desert sand dunes, volcanic landscapes and vivid beaches. Tenerife is the largest and major island of Canary island and is surely a great way to unwind, when on a holiday in Canary Islands. When holidaying in Canary Islands you must not forget to check this holiday destination, which is also the highest and utmost point in the whole Spain. Tenerife is loaded with remarkable tourist attractions like theme parks, museums, water sports like scuba diving, other sports activities, night clubs, great restaurants, cafes and hotels serving wonderful delicacies and sightseeing areas like botanical and aqua gardens. All these make Tenerife a memorable holiday destination for that right Canary vacation. From volcanic sites and mountains to sandy dunes, this canary island is lot calmer and peaceful and has some pretty tourist attractions, for those holidaying in Canary Islands. Some of these are Bentancuria, Oasis Park, El Museo de La Alcogida, MuseumsArqueológico & Ethnográfico, Casa Santa María, La Lajita Zoo, Islote de Lobos Nature Reserve and etc. These and many such other striking tourist attractions makes this island a marvelous stop when holidaying in Canary Islands. La Palmas is one of the most quiet, peaceful and unspoiled Canary Island with lots and lots of water, cultural richness and excellent cuisine to offer for those on a holiday in Canary Islands. This canary island is not popular as a holiday destination, but can still be visited for that natural and untouched beauty, for experiencing the farming skills and banana production on this island. Capital city of La Palmas is Santa Cruz de La Palmas. Lanzarote is another major Canary Island with lot to offer, for a spectacular holiday in Canary Island or a memorable Canary vacation. The south of Lanzarote is surrounded with superlative volcanic view; a result of eruptions that goes back to 18th century. Lanzarote is a package of volcanoes, superb resorts, museums filled with stunning artifacts, lively nightlife, thrilling water activities, breathtaking caves and natural sights. Some mind-blowing tourist attractions that make this canary island a great holiday destination include Wine museum El Grifo, Jameos Del Agua, The Cactus Garden, Timanfaya, Fundación César Manrique and Aquapark, Costa Teguise. La Gomera is known for Tranquility, dense greenery, picturesque beauty, stunning beaches and its freshness. The island also has national park. San Sebastian, El Cedro Forest, Garajonay national park, Vallehermeso and Valle Gran Rey are some of the places you can enjoy in this island. El Hierro is one of the small Canary Islands and comes with steep cliffs and some not so big, and really beautiful beaches. Some of the tourist attractions you can enjoy in El Hierro when holidaying in Canary Island includes Iglesia de la Candelaria, La Restinga, Iglesia de la Concepcion and Sanctuary of the Holy Mother. Best time to visit or holiday in Canary Islands The weather changes or varies from island to island and while you may find sunny weather in one, you can also end up enjoying wet season or snow in another. So the best time to visit Canary Island depends upon, which canary island you plan to make your holiday destination.

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