Technology Trends On Social Media 2019 – E Tech Marketing

Technology Trends On Social Media 2019 - E Tech Marketing
Technology Trends On Social Media 2019 – E Tech Marketing

Not all social media technologies were developed specifically for that purpose, however currently several of them square measure driving the long run of our modern society.
Technology has modified our lives tons within the past ten years. the attractive factor concerning the technology house is that it’s a lot of of associate degree system than only a competitive market.

New schoolnologies square measure created daily to enrich existing school thereby rising the general quality of the prevailing tech.

Social media isn’t any totally different. Social media has created the inspiration for the event of many technological breakthroughs and innovations.

Even though some technologies launched while not Social media because the primary use, they’ve still evidenced helpful to the Social Media Universe.

In this article, we tend to take a glance at the seven technologies that square measure driving the long run of Social Media.

7 Technologies Driving the long run of Social Media
7. Biometric automatic face recognition

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Facial recognition technology is capable of distinguishing and validating someone by merely scrutiny a live capture or digital image of their face with a keep record. Currently, automatic face recognition systems square measure getting used for security functions principally however step by step increasing to alternative applications.

Last week, Apple introduced automatic face recognition as a brand new unlocking feature for the iPhone eight and X.

Already, this technology is getting used by Facebook for suggesting to users the folks to tag in their photos. It won’t be long before it’s being wide utilized in multiple options on social media.

6. Mind Reading
The ultimate goal of mind-reading technology is to be ready to management our phones, computers and alternative gadgets with nothing however our minds.

Once this technology advances, we should always be ready to write this text while not pressing any keys on our computers or tweet while not really holding our phones.

Facebook already has sixty folks operating to create this a reality.

5. frequence Identification Tags
RFID tags square measure scannable microchips that square measure embedded in multiple kinds of identification documents and client merchandise generally.

With RFID tags, firms square measure ready to track merchandise from the time of production to final sale.

Combined with close to Field Communication (NFC) wristbands, brands square measure exploitation RFIDs to hold out social-media events with arrival, “like” and photo-sharing choices.

4. Intelligent Personal Assistants

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Pioneered by Apple’s Siri, most school giants have currently created AI personal assistants. Amazon has Alexa, Google revamped its Google Assistant in 2016 and Microsoft has Cortana.

Intelligent Personal Assistants enable U.S. to perform many tasks like requesting Uber or ordering stuff on-line.

Already, it’s additionally potential to regulate bound options on social media with these computing programs. because the technology advances over the years, we should always see new revolutionary ways that of exploitation social media with our personal assistants.

3. Motion Detectors
Motion discoverors merely detect the movements of objects and people–you’re in all probability accustomed them in building and residential security, flood lights, and so on.

Their quality very lies in however they’re incorporated into security and automation systems.

With motion detectors, it’s potential to show on the lights or heater as shortly as you enter an area while not really pressing a switch.

Gradually, through IoT technologies, we tend to square measure setting out to see associate degree growth of its application into use on social media and also the web generally. Imagine a state of affairs once you walk into an area and a motion detector starts up your pc, reads out the recent activities of your nearest friends, and keeps you apprised of any recent news developments.

Your movement alone would be enough to attach you with the social media world.

2. video game

Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg holds a combine of the bit controllers for the receptor Rift video game headsets on stage throughout the Facebook F8 conference in point of entry, Calif. Gregorian calendar month twelve, 2016. REUTERS/Stephen Lam – RTX29NVZ
Possibly the foremost fascinating Social Media technology may well be video game (VR). it’s one in every of the schoolnologies creating waves round the tech world.

Virtual reality permits developers to by artificial means produce simulations and real-life things or experiences. including a video game receiver, users square measure immersed into these simulations in an exceedingly approach that produces it appear it’s really real.

Whilst VR is generally used for video games, there square measure alternative nice use cases. There square measure even rumors a few potential 1st Hollywood VR motion-picture show.

Facebook already includes a VR dedicated app referred to as areas and camera maker Red is additionally set to unleash the primary VR smartphone referred to as atomic number 1 One.

Creating virtual areas to move with others might o.k. be succeeding social media revolution.

1. increased Reality/Mixed Reality

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Number one on our list is increased Reality and Mixed Reality.

Made common by location-based game Pokémon GO, increased reality combines virtual and also the globe.

Example, increased Reality makes it potential to see however a couch can look in your front room by merely hovering your smartphone over the empty house.

Mixed Reality additionally merges virtual and also the globe to make new environments and visualizations.

The key distinction is that you just don’t would like a smartphone however rather a Mixed Reality glasses. Magic Leap, a Mixed Reality startup is presently operating to unleash their 1st paradigm.

We these seven technologies, we are able to solely envision exciting times ahead for Social media!

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