Social Marketing Tools Tips 2019 – E Tech Marketing

Social Marketing Tools Tips 2019 - E Tech Marketing
Social Marketing Tools Tips 2019 – E Tech Marketing 

Here area unit a number of the most-used social media tools utilized by a number of the world’s prime brands:

  • #1: BuzzSumo
  • #2: Google Trends
  • #3: Buffer Publish
  • #4: Canva
  • #5: Unsplash
  • #6: Animoto
  • #7: Feedly
  • #8: Buffer Reply
  • #9: Native Analytics
  • #10: Todoist

Honorable Mentions

1. BuzzSumo

Social Media Tools: BuzzSumo


Pricing: Plans begin at $79/month


BuzzSumo could be a tool that enables you to realize the foremost shared content and trending influencers. you’ll use it to investigate that content performs best for any topic and every one you wish to try to to to induce started is to go looking for a subject or a website.

Through BuzzSumo you’re in a position all gather a higher understanding of your impact on social media and develop smarter content ways by seeing that of your own pages were engaged with the foremost. BuzzSumo can break the results down by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit shares.

This provides the additional advantage of having the ability to envision that articles area unit playacting well across the net while not having to perpetually monitor multiple social channels.

Similar tools: Ahrefs, Meltwater, Mention

2. Google Trends

Social Media Tools: Google Trends


Pricing: Free


Google Trends could be a fully free tool that Google created to assist anyone look for trending topics on-line.

Brands use it to observe notable things that area unit happening within the world. several professionals use this as the simplest way to get and share data associated with what’s hottest without delay.

You can conjointly use Google Trends to observe keywords to envision if they’re trending and the way their current volume compares to previous months and years. you’ll then use this data to tell your content and social media promoting strategy.

Similar tools: Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, WordStream

3. Buffer Publish

Social Media Tools: Buffer


Pricing: Free (paid plans begin at $15/month)


Buffer could be a social media promoting platform designed to form it simple for businesses and promoting groups to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place.

For example, Buffer permits you to line up a schedule for your social media profiles, and once you add content to your Buffer queue, it’ll publish at the days you’ve selected.

Buffer conjointly provides a sturdy analytics dashboard in order that you’ll see that of your posts area unit hottest on social media, and simply Rebuffer them to your queue.

In addition to our net application, we tend to even have each humanoid and iOS apps also as an amazing Chrome Extension that’s nice for Buffering whereas you’re browsing the net or on the go.

Similar tools: Hootsuite,, Sprout Social

4. Canva

Social Media Tools: Canva


Pricing: Free (Canva for Work starts at $12.95/month)


Another fantastic tool that fully each complete or business on-line ought to comprehend is Canva.

Many times social media managers and marketers ought to be ready to produce stunning pictures while not a designer. It’s what makes up a part of an excellent social media strategy.

Canva is that the tool numerous marketers place confidence in for creating great-looking social media pictures quickly. you’ll use the ready-made templates, icons, and illustrations to form your pictures look skilled while not having to try to to abundant of the particular style work.

Canva has a simple to use drag-and-drop interface and an enormous library of over 2 million graphic components.

Similar tools: Crello, Buffer Stories Creator, Bannersnack

5. Unsplash

Social Media Tools: Unsplash


Pricing: Free


One of our favourite tools within the style, photography, and video house is Unsplash. Unsplash could be a large library of free skilled photos you’ll use — free!

Unsplash photos area unit extremely fashionable several social media marketers as a result of they will give your content an expert, polished look.

And there area unit numerous Unsplash collections to explore. we tend to advocate realizeing a few of creators whose photos you actually fancy and following them therefore you’ll forever find their latest work.

Similar tools: Pexels, Storyblocks, Videvo

6. Animoto

Social Media Tools: Animoto


Pricing: Plans begin at $5/month


Animoto is one among our go-to social media tools for quickly making beautiful promoting videos.

Their video maker turns your photos and video clips into skilled content in mere many minutes. They describe it as “fast and shockingly easy,” – and that we would consider that.

There area unit numerous advantages to having the ability to quickly produce partaking promoting videos. Video could be a content format that we all know a great deal of individuals struggle with, however Animoto helps to bridge that gap.

We’ve used it to make fast recaps of recent diary posts for social media, videos promoting an enormous announcement, and videos around product launches.

Using Animoto, there area unit many opportunities for you to feature price to your audiences’ lives.

Similar tools: PowToon, Adobe Spark, Crello

7. Feedly

Social Media Tools: Feedly


Pricing: Free (paid plans begin at $5.41/month)


Our next tool is Feedly. Feedly is nice for therefore several things. perhaps you’re employed with influencers and wish to follow their blogs, otherwise you ought to maintain on trade news, or the other reasons that you simply may visit many websites. Instead, you’ll add all those RSS feeds to Feedly and see them there. a large time saver.

Feedly is additionally nice for content thinking. you’ll add many of the blogs, writers, and publishers whose content you prefer to 1 feed and see them in one glimpse.

It even encompasses a Buffer Publish integration therefore you’ll schedule your content to travel out right from the Feedly dashboard.

We conjointly need to offer Flipboard a fast shoutout here, too. whereas it’s not AN RSS mortal like Feedly, you’ll follow topics on Flipboard and it curates the world’s news stories to assist you keep educated.

We’ve used Feedly to follow specific influencers and trade news, and Flipboard to stay up to this point with larger stories.

Similar tools: Flipboard, Quora, Pocket

8. Buffer Reply

Social Media Tools: Reply


Pricing: Plans begin at $50/month


This next tool is one among our terribly own at Buffer: Reply. i believe we’ve mentioned it many times on the show however we’ve ne’er gone too deep.

Buffer Reply makes social media engagement simple for promoting and support groups WHO ought to answer social conversations. It’s beat one inbox.

What’s nice is that through Reply you’ll see social conversations across social networks:

On Twitter, you’ll see public tweets that @ mention your handle, direct messages, and any searches you have got created for keywords or hashtags.
On Facebook, you’ll see comments on your Facebook Page posts and ads, traveller posts, personal messages, and reviews.
And for Instagram business profiles, you’ll see comments on your posts and ads also.
It’s one inbox wherever you’ll see all of those conversations happening. It’s a large time saver. In our case, our client support team and social media manager, Bonnie, pay a great deal of your time back a day, and that we grasp that once somebody reaches out, they’d be obtaining a solution from U.S..

Similar tools: Hootsuite, Mention, Sprout Social

9. Native Analytics

We would be negligent if we tend to didn’t mention native analytics for every social platform, that is totally free.

(If you like one thing additional advanced, we’d love for you to do Buffer Analyze, our Facebook and Instagram analytics and reportage tool!)

Let’s quickly think again the highest 3, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Under the Insights tab on your Facebook Page, there’s with great care abundant data. Everything you ever wished to grasp concerning your engagement, range of likes and followers, however your posts do, and, of course, Facebook’s Pages to look at that enables you to compare the performance of your Page and posts with similar Pages on Facebook.

You also get insights for Facebook teams therefore if you run a bunch positively check those out.

Instagram Analytics
Instagram Analytics

With Instagram Insights, you’ll see activity around however oft users act together with your posts, see however your posts area unit playacting over time, and determine wherever your audience is from also as their age vary, gender, and once they area unit on-line.

Starting with Twitter, their analytics will reveal a great deal of valuable knowledge concerning your audience, however well you’re partaking your following, and what your prime playacting content is.

All you have got to try to to is move to to log in and begin learning additional concerning your audience and their interests.

10. Todoist

Social Media Tools: Todoist


Pricing: Free (plans begin at $3/month)


The last tool we wish to say these days is expounded to your productivity as somebody managing social media: Todoist.

Specifically, inside Todoist, I even have created a free Social Media Calendar by Buffer that you simply will use to form certain that your complete and business area unit posting to special social accounts on a daily basis.

This type of calendar is vital as a result of, by systematically posting nice content, you’ll be ready to grow your audience, increase engagement, and build a community on-line.

This sample social media calendar relies on real content and planning times from Buffer’s own social media accounts.

Similar tools: Wunderlist, Trello, Any.Do

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