Lost in Kyoto Found in Maana Luxury Homes


The story starts with a quest. As oftentimes, in good stories, the quest is faced with the letting go of fears and the allowing of dreams to come true. Traveling in a way is the pathway of dreamers, after all the best travel moments are the ones that make you rethink, rediscover, and find a new way and perhaps a new you.

“Be honest. What do you have a deep desire to create?”

So, the story here starts with that question in Spain, to dreamers Irene Chang, a hospitality designer from LA, and Hana Tsukamoto, a creative director from NYC. Thinking about what would inspire them in the travel industry, they envisioned a hospitality brand that would inspire guests with a new vision of luxury hospitality, in tune with a less commercialized and standardized experience – not too curated.
Maana Luxury Homes in Kyoto

Maana Homes is the new option for a new way of staying, instigating the rethinking of luxury as a state of mind, in addition to being a home with all the hotel services one can expect. What is luxury for you? Is it to be present, to connect, to be part of a movement, to be in silence & solitude? Luxury for Hana & Irene is the abundance of a peaceful mindset.
Kyoto caught their attention as a city that awakens the physical senses, leading the visitor into a journey to explore the inner world. A city balanced in between beauty and imperfection – a very key cultural Japanese concept.

The restored spaces and original features were repurposed to created houses that are luxurious yet approachable, accommodating 6 to 7 guests. Out is the showroom look, in is the purposeful luxury of original elements – original wood ceilings, window frames and shoji screens set the tone. Strong local craftsmanship is also present throughout the interior design with, for example, the Shigaraki-yaki bathtub handcrafted by ceramic artisans in Shigaraki area.

The unique century old machiya houses are located in immersive locations in Kyoto – one by the Kamo River, a magical sight. The simplistic harmony of the homes showcases spaces designed for contemplation and reflection. A gateway to travel within.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”
Hans Hoffmann



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