How to launch a successful ICO?

What is ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s identical to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). ICOs are used for raising money for a company, where an organization hoping to fund-raise to make another coin app/software or service will launch an ICO. Any investors willing to invest can buy ICO’s from the website of the launcher.

Thanks to entrepreneurs across the globe, creating a cryptocurrency online is a breeze. Readymade artificial intelligence powered tools have emerged using which you can create crypto in just a few clicks. As generating your cryptocurrency is one of the most important steps in launching an ICO, this is now taken care. Once your tokens are generated, you would also need an ICO Dashboard to sell and manage your tokens effectively. Fret not, even that is taken care with turnkey ICO script and software. Using these you can integrate your tokens quickly to them and start showcasing to the world.

The guide to launching your own ICO script:

Conduct thorough research:

You should conduct research about what the market needs are, the project or software you are launching is really needed in the market and will be giving a tough time to the competitors or not? Moreover, you should also make sure that your product is valuable to the users and your audience will be willing to raise money for it.

Another important thing is to know whether your project needs an ICO? If your software or the project is using unnecessary ICO there is less chance of anyone raising money for it.

Check the legal status in your country:

ICOs are legal in almost all of the countries apart from a few, before going for ICOs the owners of the company should be aware of the legal status in their relevant country.

ICO tokens:

Creating the token is the main phase of the ICO version. Before creating tokens, it is necessary to understand some factors, such as how many tokens must be issued and increased and how many tokens are sold during ICO pre-sales and group sales.

You can create tokens on the Ethereum platform without having to create a blockchain from scratch. Smart contracts are computer programs that control the sale of tokens and allow third parties to trade assets under certain conditions.

Write or draft the white paper:


The white paper is a technical document that explains all aspects of your ideas, from market analysis, project vision, project tasks, development strategies, token allocation, legal issues, token information, team description, etc.

After completing the draft project, call up a team, and contact a consultant.


Set up a website:

Your website will be key to the promotion of your ICO website, it would act as the software interface for every effort you have out, and people are only interested in seeing the real deal which is the investors, your project objectives, and your team. This tells them a lot about your project, you should also add videos and descriptions about how the process will work so it makes it easier for them.



ICO can be a great thing if implemented properly, a company must have a great way of promoting and launching their product. Effective advertisement campaigns can attract people to the website and then they can invest in the ICO script you have made.


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