FSM opens the road to Defi, and will soon launch Justswap

FSM basically refers to flying spaghetti monster. Hearing this name for the first time will make you laugh. For example, why does spaghetti become a flying monster?

FSM is a token in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are terms and ideas that people just got used to. Even the term “digitalization”. When these words appear anywhere, people will wonder-what are they talking about?

In 2009, Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency released. After that, some other 600 altcoins (a variant of Bitcoin) appeared, of which FSM is one of them.


FSM (Spaghetti Monster) is the ideal symbol for the FSM token.

FSM token is based on the decentralization of TRON ecology, peer-to-peer deflation deflation spaghetti. FSM tokens are distinguished from other digital currencies by a friendly and vibrant community of people who support freedom and authority.


Not long ago, almost everyone thought that tokens were physical, physical or abstract. Many people believe that this is a form of getting rides, food and drinks when currency exchange is used at fairs and festivals. It is also a symbol of membership ownership.


But now, with the development of cryptocurrency, the term token has found a new meaning in digitalization and technological revolution. In the crypto space, tokens basically refer to cryptocurrencies built on existing blockchains.


Now that we have understood the scope of the topic, it is easy to understand the topic that will emerge.

Whenever FSM is transferred, 1% of the token will be burned, while the total amount of Bitcoin remains the same. The initial total supply of FSM is 1 billion, and as each transaction proceeds without issuing a new FSM, the supply will decrease.


When users transfer FSM to each other, 1% of the total transfer amount will be automatically destroyed, which will run on the chain in accordance with the regulations in the TRON smart contract and will not be tampered with or interfered with.


The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) is the god of the pasta chapel. It is a mascot, an advocate of openness to religion, and a representative of a decentralized and open source attitude that is not afraid of authority.


Recently, Justswap has been very popular since its launch. Since the launch of the exchange, the transaction volume has exceeded 5.8 million U.S. dollars. Regarding the continued attention to the Defi ecology and the FSM issued based on the TRX public chain, we have experienced Justswap in depth and learned about TRON and Just The team’s mentality for the Defi ecology is All in’s determination. We have begun to have in-depth exchanges with the Justswap team in the near future and will be online in the short term.

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