Bubblext and Its Amazing World Of Trading

In the face of new economic challenges around the world, the foreign exchange market popularly known as forex has gained increased relevance. The level of interest in foreign exchange in recent times has become unprecedented because many believe that it involves little work and pays tons of cash in return.


However, the truth is that the world of foreign exchange is technical and complicated as many traders would attest. There is a need for guidance and intelligence before one can attain a high level of financial security and wealth.


Forex requires a deep level of commitment, a risk-taking heart, a clear logical mind, due diligence, and the ability to dominate powerful emotions and greed. The financial gains are enormous and abundant for the trader who can navigate the murky waters of assets that come in the form of stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, blockchain-powered bitcoin, and the vast unpredictability of the market.


A trader has to possess an unparalleled focus, and a brilliantly incisive and analytical mind not just for navigating the tough world of risks, but also for screening brokerage firms. This is why although Forex is open to everyone, it is not for everyone, except a trader is a hundred percent sure that he or she possesses the capabilities needed.


A lot of brokerage firms have sprung up in the financial market since Foreign exchange has become dominant in the lives of millions of traders, firms, banks, and financial institutions all over the globe. However in all things, one must consider the purpose. Not all brokerage firms are  legitimate or have genuine concerns for their clients. It is crucial and highly imperative that a trader must make a clear distinction between brokerage firms that exist merely to benefit from scams, and those that are truly genuine and are fiercely loyal to the needs of the client. Many people who have been unfairly scammed lose faith in the foreign market and also lose true confidence in their abilities.


I cannot overemphasize the need to be an enlightened trader. A trader needs to possess the capacity and the patience to be able to distinguish between the true and the false. Careful and thorough analysis, as well as investigative analysis, should be undertaken. When in search of a brokerage firm. The task might be arduous and painstaking, but it is well worth it, and the best way to avoid the pain and heartbreak of being scammed of your hard-earned money.


The main purpose of this article is to ease this burden and to bring to light an advantageous platform that traders can make use of with a guarantee of peace of mind. A smart and intelligent and truly genuine platform coupled with a brilliant logical and dedicated trader would no doubt result in high financial gains, little irregularities, confidence in trading abilities and satisfaction on both sides.


We have gone through the process of analyzing every tentacle of Bubblext a trading platform dedicated to the satisfaction of their traders. It is a top online platform that aims to ensure trading success. Below is a quick review of Bubblext.

A Quick Review OfBubblext


Broker Name – Bubblext


Website – www.Bubblext.com


Crypto – Available


Service hours – 24 hour availability


Trading Platforms –  Web, mobile, download


Account types –  Green, Silver, Platinum, Gold, black, V. I.P


Security –  2FA U2F, email encryption, withdrawal Protection, API keys


Minimum deposit –  500 dollars (2000 deposit for margin and option privileges)


Investment Products – Stocks, bonds, futures, Options, mutual funds, ETFs, Forex, CDs.


Commodities –  Gold, silver, Oil, Natural gas


Indices –  Dow Jones FTSE, NASDAQ, S&P 500


Deposit currency- Euro, dollars, & British Pounds


Welcome Bonus –  Available (T&Cs apply)


Payment Options – Visa and master card, bank wire transfer, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin


Education –  E-books, videos, Articles, news, Webinars and live Professionals.


Bubblext is a trading platform and stockbroker that is highly client-centric. It has a high level of credibility among traders and financial investors. Indeed, the site possesses a special and uncanny ability to walk a newbie trader through the growth process of becoming a skilled professional. The site also has several rich features that are indispensable assets to traders.


Bubblext is also serious not just about customer satisfaction but customer success. Over the years, this platform has built a reputation that has full and total credence from trade specialists and traders, as well as scholars of the financial market. The trading experience with Bubblext is usually unforgettable. A trader is safely and firmly in the hands of experienced professionals who possess wealth and a treasure trove of wisdom for guidance and support and the gains of financial wealth.


They have a great security system, and they introduce traders to the instrumental and beneficial world of Algo trading. Many stockbrokers aren’t active in Algo trading, and so many traders aren’t familiar or present in the algo world, not to mention understanding it.


This is just one of the many ways in which Bubblext is outstanding. All trading accounts also have special features from the lowest to the highest. Even a low trading account has high respectability. Their terms and conditions are easy to adhere to, and adjustments can be made where necessary. Another outstanding feature is their trading education. Bubblext’s trading education goes beyond the basics, and they are instrumental in teaching the trader how to minimize losses.


They are also tailored to suit the trader’s needs in favorable and unfavorable trading conditions. A wonderful thing about Bubblext is that this stockbroker is friendly to new traders. They have everything ready for a new trader to have a smooth sailing trade experience. Many other platforms and stockbrokers do not give their traders any training, and traders are left to do their digging, learning, and research.


As emphasized above, Bubblext distinguishes itself in this area. In addition, an amazing resource this brokerage platform offers is a junior account manager for newbie traders. This is rare amongst other brokerage platforms, but Bubblext offers it. No matter what your account level is, this stockbroker has something for you to ensure a beautiful trading experience. It is worth it.


The Unusual Qualities And Services Of



This section would contain an analysis of all of Bubblext’s qualities, and why it is the best stockbroker platform for any trader out there.


Diverse Account Options


Bubblext’s account options are divergent, and most importantly were created to suit the needs of clients. Both new and experienced traders are expected to explore and peruse through these options and choose the most suitable for their time and budget. The accounts range from Green (basic) to Silver, Platinum, Gold, and Black. The basic minimum deposit is 500 dollars. However if a potential trader has more funds or savings that are specifically for trading, he or she can opt for the silver account which requires a deposit of 5000 dollars.


The Gold Account would require a first-time deposit of 20,000 dollars, while the Platinum account would require a 100,000 minimum deposit. A black account would require a minimum deposit of 250000 dollars, and the V.I.P accounts accept nothing less than a million dollars. This kind of organized structure and budget enable traders to have freedom of choice.


Signing up for an account is also an easy process. First, the potential trader is required to explore and understand the account types, before completing the required information with accurate personal data. After the process of approval and authorization of the account, then the account can become functional for payments and withdrawals.


Newbie traders can take advantage of either the green or the silver account. It all depends on their budget. An instruction ebook and junior account manager are available to help the new trader with much-needed guidance. This is a feature that can only be gotten from Bubblext.


Experienced traders can opt for the Black, Platinum, or V.I.P accounts. They possess trading signals that have been fashioned out through the expertise of professional traders on the Bubblext team. These techniques are fully reliable and credible as they have been thoroughly analyzed. In this way, experienced traders aren’t cumbered with the unnecessary stress of looking for trading signals elsewhere, since trading signals are available on all assets.


A senior manager is also available for the needs of experienced traders. These are professionals who are always available. Another remarkable factor about this brokerage platform is that you are given access to the broker to have one-on-one sessions with them. In this way, the trader is more enlightened about all the complexities of trading. They are made simpler and easier. Note that accounts can be switched up at any time.


Use Of Algorithm

As stated earlier, algo trading is not used by all stockbrokers. Some traders aren’t very familiar with the term or the concept of this terminology. With the rapid advancement and development of technology, especially in the dynamics of the financial market, it’s only a matter of time before the use of algo-trading becomes unprecedented as well. For now, however, it is still unused in several trading platforms, and by several stockbrokers.


Bubblext has proven that by using this technique in trading, they are far ahead into the future. It is crucial for a brokerage platform to be visionary, and to have clear, wide-ranging and all-encompassing technological goals because the future of the financial market also depends on how free-flowing it is with the latest advancement. Both are closely intertwined.


That being said, the conceptual framework of Algorithm, revolves around the use of robots to conduct trading operations. This has high advantages. For instance, a trader doesn’t need to miss opportunities in trading, and he/she can focus on other things while the robot conducts the trades. The robot is commandeered by the trader, and the trader needs to set it up in such a way that it exits the trades properly – both in times of profit and loss – The trader is the one that tells the robots when to trade, and when it shouldn’t. What it should trade, and what it shouldn’t. Filters, commands, assets, entry, and exit points are just all that the robot needs to comprehend.


This means that the trader must define them excellently. Losses and exit points must be properly defined, so that the robot understands well enough not to drain the money the trader has with the brokerage platform. This technique is simple enough once it is fully embedded in assertiveness and proper definitions. It is advanced but advantageous, and one of the easiest ways to make money even while asleep.


Good Trading Platforms


Most stockbrokers do not use more than one trading platform. This has a disadvantage because diversity is key in the financial market. All traders must have various options to use for their trades. But when they are limited to one platform, that means that they have to accept all its perks, as well as the pros and cons of the platform in question. If it affects the trades, or for one reason or the other the trader has reservations about the platform, then he or she would have no choice but to use it that way anyway, unless he decides to change his broker.


A key factor to remember is that whatever device any trader uses, must go hand in hand with the trading platform of the brokerage firm. For instance, a smartphone cannot work with a web trading platform. This unfavorable condition would only lead to trade stagnancy. It is best to be able to trade on the go, to trade whilst being mobile. All traders should be able to trade with a stockbroker that fits their budget and needs and has all modernized features.


Bubblext offers all these in terms of trading platforms. The options are available for all traders, depending on what they need to comfortably trade from anywhere. There is the MetaTrader 4 Trading platform that has been available for years to all traders. This platform has consistently held the number one spot in terms of trading platforms. It is unarguably the best trading platform in the world, and Bubblext gives a trader unlimited access to it. If trading from a mobile device is more suitable, then Bubblext has a mobile trading application for both Android and iPhone users. Smartphone users can easily download and use the application for a nice, quick, and easy trading experience.


The final type of trading platform is the web trader. This is perhaps the most comfortable platform ever. It is highly versatile and will run smoothly on all devices – smartphones, desktop computers, iPads, tablets, and the likes. It flows with all kinds of operating systems, and there is no need for constant upgrading. The ease and multiple advantages of trading platforms are just one of the many reasons to stick with an excellent stockbroker like Bubblext.




Money laundering is the process of attaching ill-gotten and illegal money in a legal environment. Basically, an individual seeks to conceal dirty money in a clean and legal place. Bubblext has a strict policy about money laundering because of its position as a global stockbroker with lots of prominences. Their “Know Your Customer Policy” (KYC) is quite vast. New traders are expected to give a lot of individual personal information, for their safety while trading. The AML and KYC policy of Bubblext is commendable.


There is solid encryption on the website, and strategies have been put in place to ensure that there is only one user for each account. There are also strict policies in place for money deposits and money withdrawals. The same method is used for both deposits and withdrawals, in this way money launderers are kept at bay.


There are also proper SSL certificates on the website to ensure that banking details and all forms of sensitive information are concealed and protected from evil scammers, who might want to hijack information. It is best to read up on the money laundering policies on the website to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of the stockbroker’s stance on money laundering.


They abide by all laws, and would not hesitate to report any form of money laundering activities to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. All this has been made Crystal clear on the website of the brokerage. Prospective clients are advised to read up. Only one recipient is permitted to own an account and must provide sufficient proof of his/her identity.



Conclusively, every potential trader should always remember that the world of The Financial Market is vast, ever-changing, complex, and yet simultaneously simplistic. Navigating it requires diligence, commitment, and powerful resilience on the part of the trader. Proper understanding of the ingrained dynamics, however, will require an excellent brokerage firm that is dedicated, has years of experience and is value-driven and result oriented.


Bubblext offers great asset investments, efficient trading platforms, simple and instructive education, protection for sensitive information, and precious money. To crown it all they are client-centric and highly competent. They will ensure that all your efforts are ultimately crowned with resounding success.



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